I'm an artist.  I also collect archane and out of print books, old lp's and playing card decks.  

I love pussycats, fresh mountain air, sea breezes, moonlight, puddle-duck country and fragrant forests. 

Music is lifebreath for inspiration and an absolute must as accompaniment to everything!


I enjoy good food, good sex, good grog and the sharing of same in the company of like minded individuals.


I could go on about all the fancy stuff, but it's boring and how would you know if it were true anyway...? 

The singular truth is I paint and I love it.  It doesn't get much simpler than that. 


If you'd like to purchase one of my paintings, please contact me

They're all for sale and each as difficult to part with as the next, so please ensure you have heart before requesting to home one of my babies.


All artworks are hand painted / hand rendered originals.  No airbrushing or digital media ever.   





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